What is MapWheel

Designed by you and made by us in Sydney, Australia. A beautifully crafted and customised direction plaque that shows your points of interest relative to your location. The perfect answer to the question 'Where on earth?'
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It’s for You! 

A MapWheel is a beautifully crafted and personalised direction plaque that shows the exact direction and distance to your points of interest relative to your location. It's designed by you using our on-line MapWheel generator and then beautifully crafted by us right here in Sydney, Australia. Your MapWheel will be the perfect answer to "where on earth?"

It's unique! 

You'll find direction plaques aka orientation tables, toposcopes or topographs at significant landmarks all over the world. Wikipedia's definition of a toposcope or topograph is "a marker erected on hills or high places which indicates the direction, and usually the distance, to notable landscape features which can be seen from that point."

This is the first time an on-line design process has been used to produce direction plaques. The patented MapWheel process is powered by Google Maps and this ensures all direction and distance information is accurate. You simply choose your home location and then add points of interest in your locality or any place that is meaningful to you such as family and friends living in far away places or favourite cities and holiday destinations.

It's fun!

We’re excited to bring direction plaques out of the dark-ages by making them fun, decorative as well as informative. You get to choose from stainless steel or timber, a border pattern, a font type, even a personal message if you're gifting a MapWheel. We challenge you to get creative and make your MapWheel a truly unique, personal and attractive piece to display at your home, office or anywhere.

It's free to try!

If after designing your MapWheel you feel you're not ready to purchase yet, that's OK, just press 'save' and we'll store the image so you can come back to it later.  You can save as many MapWheel's as you like and edit them anytime. We recommend you print a copy before ordering to make sure everything is as you want it. At this point you can choose to proceed to the check-out and pay for your MapWheel to be manufactured and shipped to you.

It's beautiful!

Your MapWheel will be made from your choice of stainless steel or a range of Australian native and other exotic timbers. The image is engraved into the steel or wood surface using a computer controlled laser engraving machine. The image is therefore permanent and very durable. We're proud to say we're making them right here in Sydney, Australia. We could outsource to make them cheaper but we want to ensure a quality product and support the local economy.

It's limitless!

There’s not a place on earth you can’t have on your MapWheel, even locations at sea since you might want to commemorate where you caught that 200kg blue marlin (tagged and released of course!) or maybe you proposed marriage on a P&O cruise.

While you might think of many places to display your MapWheel when you receive it, we believe tables whether located out-doors or in-doors make a very practical platform to display your MapWheel. All you need to install your MapWheel is a compass to align with the magnetic north (MN) pointer on your MapWheel or the true north point (N) if using your smartphone.

It's to share!

Be proud of your MapWheel and post your design to your Facebook page or upload a photo to Instagram #mapwheel. There’s also another way you can share....a MapWheel makes a fantastic gift. Never again will you be stuck for that impossible person to buy for. You can design a MapWheel for that special person or simply buy a gift certificate and let the recipient have all the fun of customising their MapWheel.

for Business

We’ve got a thousand ideas how businesses can use a MapWheel. Here are just a few to get you thinking:
  • Restaurant and café tables showing local points of interest
  • Businesses in tourist locations,
    national parks and local government use
  • Company foyers and waiting rooms showing branch locations, manufacturing sites, distributor networks, etc
  • Construction companies and real estate agents as a unique house-warming gift.
  • Hotel and resort guest rooms to help visitors orient themselves and find local points of interest
  • surprise us!