Mapwheel Gallery


Glad to see you in the MapWheel e-gallery. Relax, take your time, sip on a cocktail and enjoy the exhibition. If you already own a MapWheel we'd love to feature your masterpiece in our collection. Login to your account and upload a photo of your MapWheel on location; include yourself in the image if possible. Our curators will review the photo and if they think it's cool, we'll hang it! 

Pylon on the charm 13/09/15
Size matters 13/09/15
create your own Design one for yourself
or for a friend.
Steely looks! 26/02/15
Sultry & stainless! 2/03/15
Mosaic MapWheel 6/10/14
Different points of view 6/10/14
Map is good, MapWheel is better 13/09/15
Not so boring sideboard 6/10/14
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