“A MapWheel is a great way to show your connection
to special places and people in your world”


MapWheel is the first product by Waypoint Ventures, a start-up business founded by Russell Bolden of Sydney, Australia. Underpinning the product pipe-line is a number of Australian and US patents in the geospatial...ahh...space! The premise of the IP is to take location data and display it with simple physical product designs to make that information more tangible, meaningful and even pulchritudinous (word of the day; means physically beautiful).

The idea for MapWheel came to Russell one afternoon when his friend Rob asked what direction the township of Katoomba was as they looked out from his back verandah over the spectacular view of the Blue Mountains National Park. This was a question he'd been asked by others many times before and he was growing tired of not having the answer. So that got Russell thinking about direction plaques aka orientation tables, toposcopes or topographs (as commonly found at lookouts) and how Google Maps could be used to get bearing and distance data for any 2 locations on earth. Press the 'Create Your Own' button to check it out for yourself.


Our on-line MapWheel generator enables you to design your own unique direction plaque, providing a tangible connection to special people and places in your world. Unlike traditional direction plaques, MapWheels are intended to be personal, sentimental and fun. Include the town you were born, the place you were married, even where your children were conceived! Get creative and have some fun with it. Show-off your creation and join the community by pressing the Facebook button when you've finished designing your MapWheel. 

We're proud to say the manufacturing is done in our home town of Sydney, Australia. We could have outsourced but we're fanatical about quality and keen to support our local economy.

And why MapWheel ? Well they use mapping data, they're round and have spokes. If that's lost on you, it's OK because we're still scatching our head about Google, Instagram and Amazon.

Australian Patent No. 8836705 (Pending)
United States Patent No. 2011-0247514-A1


Russell Bolden: Founder
MapWheel Ninjas: A small band of warrior craftsmen (like elves but way cooler!)

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