Where on earth?

Have you ever wondered what the exact direction and distance is to places that are important to you? With your location at the centre, a MapWheel will surround you with the special people and places in your world, both near and far. A truly unique, personalised and beautifully crafted piece to feature in your home, office, cafe or just about anywhere.

It’s fun. it’s personal

Select your home location and points of interest. Style your MapWheel by choosing from different exotic timbers, decorative border patterns and fonts. You can even add a personal message. Your MapWheel will provide a tangible connection to special people and
places in your world.

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How it works?

Powered by Google Maps all directions & distances are accurate. A laser engraver will perfectly machine your design into your chosen timber. When you receive your MapWheel simply use the compass app on your smartphone to accurately orientate your

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What is a mapwheel?

A beautifully crafted and customised direction plaque that shows your points of interest relative to your home location. Creative, decorative and sentimental, a MapWheel is
the perfect answer to
'where on earth?'

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